Induction Machines
1. Induction Brazing m/c
2. Induction Hardening m/c
3. Induction Heating m/c for Forging

Seam Welder Longitudinal
Seam Welder Longitudinal
Generally used by drums & Barrel manufacturers
Circumferntial Seam Welder
Used for manufacturing diesel tank petrol tank of automobiles & radiators

(6 – 12- 30 SPOTS)

Used in Multi Spot Welding Wire Mesh for Poultry Fences, Kitchen Shelves, Refrigerator Trays, Condenser Shell Wire Mesh, Chemical Filter/Strainer Mesh, Air Condition Cabinet Mesh etc.


Silencer Seam Welder
Used for manufacturing automobile silencers
Side Seam Welder
Used for manufacturing tin , cans for fod products & paint manufacters
Integral suspension welding gun

Widly used in automobile industries

High frequency Induction Machine
Push gun spot

To be used by cupboard manufacturers
Copper Bottom & Aluminium Bottom Brazing Machine.

High frequency inductin hardening , brazing and heating machine
Top & Bottom Wire Tray Spot Welding Machine

Used for Tray manufacturers
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